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February 13, 2018

Hunt wooks with us! @CBGTWH

November 25, 2017

What the fuck is up you God damn hippies, I really don’t get to yell at you fuckers much any more. You all make running this page a god damn pleasure, except I don’t get to talk shit like I used to. I can’t remember the last time I called somebody a twatwaffle or told a burnout to unsquinch their labia.

We at Colorado Big Game Trophy Wook Hunter are big into competitive leisuring and two of the key components to competitive leisuring is looking fucking good and wook hunting.

So do yourself a favor and go over to our storeand buy yourself some competitive leisuring gear. You'll find everything there ON SALE for the next few days. Because nobody wants to look like an asshat when they are out on the competitive leisure court.

February 14, 2017

The time has come my friends, the time where we celebrate greatness, when the headiest are hoisted on the shoulders of the masses.

A time where we award the hunters the rest of us strive to be, hunters who can sense vagrant lot shamans attempting unwanted chakra alignments from miles away. Hunters whose senses are so sharp, they know if that crystal has only listened to the firemost dead shows from '78. Those whose names are never spoken on shakedown, hunters with reputations that shook wooks to their core, like snapped branches in a silent forest.

One hunter rose to the top of this elite group, a hunter Teddy Roosevelt looks up too. Our 2016 Hunter of the Year award as voted on by you, our esteemed members, is none other than Yuri Federman .

This God amongst mere mortals was able to bag and tag a trophy that will be talked about to our children's children. A wook whose super human reflexes, and unparalleled situational awareness was slightly diminished due to his excitement of going...

February 5, 2017

2016 is behind us and the 2017 has already presented so many exciting opportunities that going forward the sky's the limit. We vow to continue to hunt the most trophy wooks even during the h3ttiest 75 min. tweezer jam, throught-out the most fyre drum sesh, to the bottom of the deepest of k-hole. No wook is safe.

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